Creative Workshop - Design thinking in practice

Being creative is hard, especially when you're up against a tight schedule. We don't really have time to just be creative for the sake of it, so we're making time.


Psychology in Design - What makes them click?

Here are the slides for a short presentation I gave as an introduction to psychology in design. Why it matters and what drives us to make decisions.


GitHub for Mac - Prototype to Persona

Persona to Prototype - see problem, fix problem


Building on the work I did previously on my Usability study on GitHub for Mac, I decided to address the most common problem users were finding with the product. Turns out that usability studies are actually pretty useful!

I also think this is an important problem to address because any time one of your users is using your app for the first time, there’s a good chance it’ll also be the last if they encounter any major issues. With this in mind, I wanted to map out a solution to the first task any user opening GitHub for Mac would want to do: Add a repository.


GitHub for Mac - A usability study


Usability study on some basic interactions within GitHub for Mac. I love GitHub and decided to take a step back and see if I could find any areas of improvement to the UX of one of their products.


The Elements of User Experience

For anyone looking to get into User Experience, I can't recommend enough that you read Jesse James Garret's book The Elements of User Experience. It provides a great framework for thinking about design and gives you a structured rationale and toolkit to deal with just about anything. This is the book you read to find out just how little you actually know about UX, and what those gaps are. Jesse takes the idea that the customer is always right and shows you concisely how to find out how to fulfil your users wants, needs and goals -- even if they don't know them yet.

I'm going to focus in on the main take aways I had when reading this book.